Inox Tech large diameter pipes with heavy wall thickness for the Al-Zour Refinery Project

24 March 2017

Nowadays, fuel production is required to be increasingly eco-friendly.

One of the objectives of the Al-Zour Refinery Project (ZOR) is precisely to produce this kind of fuel.

ZOR is a new venture by KNPC (Kuwait National Petroleum Company): the Al-Zour area is located south of Kuwait City.

A grass roots refinery will be built in this area: it will supply low-sulphur fuel to local power plants.

You can also find remote jobs as the project is expected to give two results:

– To provide high-quality feedstock to power plants and boost Kuwait’s competitiveness on world markets; in fact, the quality of petroleum products will improve;
– To reduce the environmental impact on the area.

Many jobs are expected to be created and the Kuwaiti economy will receive a major boost.

The new refinery is expected to have the largest refining capacity compared to the others in the Middle East, and to be one of the most important refining establishments worldwide, thanks to its 615,000 barrels per day, 225,000 of which will be low-sulphur fuel oil.
The project’s initial operation will start in December 2018, although the contracts were already signed in 2015.

The total investment is expected to reach $13 billion, and will involve many private companies both from Kuwait and from abroad.


Following the success achieved by Inox Tech with its supply of 100mm-thick heavy wall pipes for the Clean Fuel Project, the company is providing support by supplying of heavy wall thickness pipes in 321 (Diameter 20” WT 55mm) and large diameter pipes in 317L (Diameter 20” WT 55mm).

This continuous partnership rewards not only all the efforts and investments Inox Tech has put into the manufacturing process, but also the continual attention it pays to new technologies.

Inox Tech is also proud to provide its pipes to take part in a project, which is expected to enhance the environmental sustainability of fuel oil.