Liquefied natural gas (LNG) represents a flourishing industry. With a growing production natural gas is going to become the second-leading fossil energy after crude oil. Liquefied natural gas has a number of advantages, which are driving its growth: It combines the clean combustion and calorific value of natural gas with the transportation flexibility of liquid hydrocarbons. This means opportunities for both gas- producing and gas-consuming countries. Distance of several kilometers separates the storage tanks of a liquefaction plant from the loading port where LNG carriers take delivery of their cargoes. For this reason Inox Tech with its pipes suitable for cryogenic service represents an important supplier for LNG industries.


Due to rising demand for oil and gas in the world, the global offshore oil and gas industry has been growing rapidly. The work on exploration of new oilfields and their extraction has been intensified. Offshore platforms are giant structures used for the purpose of drilling and extracting gas and oil from wells, located deep beneath the ocean floors. These platforms have onsite processing and storage facilities. Offshore platforms are designed to last decades in harsh environments. The high corrosion resistance of Inox Tech duplex and super duplex pipes makes them ideal for offshore environments in oil and gas applications. Inox Tech can meet even the most demanding requirements to supply pipes for offshore services.


The use of raw materials with high corrosion resistance makes Inox Tech pipes suitable for a wide variety of applications in process plants within chemical, petrochemical, water, oil and gas industries. Inox Tech provides a full range of welded pipes for process plants, where large diameter pipes and corrosion resistant alloy steel are necessary to withstand extreme temperatures and high-pressure environments.


The scale and complexity of projects within the offshore subsea market are expanding rapidly to meet the challenge of increasing global energy demands. Most of the new oil fields are located in deep water and are generally referred to as deepwater systems, where floating drilling vessels and floating oil platforms are used. Most deepwater flowlines carry very high pressure and high temperature fluids. Due to their strength and corrosion resistance Inox Tech pipes are requested for applications like flowline pipe, line pipe, risers, manifold piping and hydraulic lines for drilling risers.